1. A research project sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, on hypoxia and brain damage was undertaken . This investigated the possibilities of reducing the deleterious effects of hypoxia by surgical treatment of liposome entrapped super oxide dismutase.


  1. Studies were done on central cholinergic enzymes in ageing animals. It was found that cholinergic enzyme activity reduced substabtially with age and that Maharshi Amrit Kalash, and ayuervedic formulation, could elevate serum testosterone and central cholinergic enzyme activity.


  1. Studies were conducted to see the effect of Selenium deficiency on white Wistar rats. Selenium deficiency induced and increased lipid peroxidation and lipofuscin formation in nervous and non-nervous tissues.


  1. Effect of Geriforte, an Ayuervedic brain tonic, on lipofuscin in spinal cord (SPC), heart and liver was studied and found that the tonic could remove lipofuscin only from SPC.


  1. Studied the effect of deprenyl on ageing animals with respect to diagnostic marker enzymes, protein and glycosides, TCA cycle enzymes, Lipid peroxidation, Antioxidant enzymes and amino acids.


  1. Studied the relationship of diet, exercise and life style in the age associated disorders


  1. Studied the effect of some medicinal plant extracts on mosquito larva.


  1. Studied the histology of frog brain with special reference to cerebellum.
  2. Studies were conducted to see the gravity of river pollution on the brain of fishes with respect to heavy metal pollution.
  3. Studies were conducted to see the changes in the amino acid profile in ageing and deprenyl treated rats.
  4. Studied the prevalence of cypermethrin in river water and its effect on cockroach with respect to O2 consumption and biochemical parameters.
  5. In vitro studies were done on the effect of ascorbic acid and some plant extract in scavenging free radicals –a potent factor that initiates ageing and age associated pathological conditions.
  6. Studied the effect of Ervatamia flower extracts in vivo and in vitro on its antioxidant property.